2013 competition results

November 2013: Romance Story Competition

1 The end of the Line by Jeff Glazier

2 Losing Lucy by Glenda Jager

3 The Lady Friend by Jeff Glazier

Honourable mention:

Charmaine Cloete with True heart


October 2013: Flash Fiction Competition

1. Grahame Wilson with Rejection

2. Pat Clur with Deerhunter

3. Rosemary Antolik with Vigilante

Highly commended:

Irene Aarons with Whistler’s Dog


October 2013: Poetry competition

1. Hazel Bond with Thoughtless

2. Brett Beiles with St Valentine’s  Day Mascara.

3. Frank Gadd with The Witch and the Wizard

Highly recommended:

Brett Beiles with The Magic Tree

Cheryl Peper with Paradox


September 2013: Young Adult Competition

1. Glenda Jager with Jump

2. Brigitta Simpson with The Lesson

3. Cristy Zinn with Curious?


August Short Story Competition

1. Rose Saayman with A marked Man

2. Pat Clur with Washed up.

3. Jay Balwanth with Nothing ventured nothing won

Highly commended:

Glenda Jager with I’d rather be in the city


July Screenwriting Competition

1. Pat Clur with Dolly goes to Kelso

2. Jeff Glazier with Departures and Arrivals

3. Rose Saayman with Desperate Measures


June 2013: Travel Competition

1. Jacky Wege with St Helena Island

2. Patrick Coyne with Klaarstroom, the Jewel of the Karoo

3. Pat Clur with The abandoned Art Gallery

Highly Commended:

Evan Kaplan with A thunderful trip to Wonderwerkgrot


May 2013:  Science Fiction Competition

1. Cristy Zinn with Imitation

April 2013: Non-Fiction Competition
1. Pat Clur with Trash into Cash
2. Rose Saayman with Freedom, Life and Loyalty
3. Patrick Coyne with The Craft of Novel Writing
Highly commended:

Alan Gitsham with Searching for Lawrence


March 2013: Mystery Story Competition

1. Jeff Glazier with


February 2013: Poetry

1. Irene Emmanuel with Invitation to Dance

2. Leonie Edwards with Chameleon

3. Jill Lawton with Lifehorse

Highly Commended:

Irene Emmanuel with Princess Jasmine

Ann Harbinson with Stalkers


February 2013: Flash Fiction

1. Pat Clur with Life in a War Zone

2. Evan Kaplan with The Colour of War

3. Alan Gitsham with The Second Anglo-Boer War


January 2013: First Chapter of a Novel

1. Jenny Tinmouth with A time to Survive

2. Cheryl Peper with Demonkind

3. Wendy Greef with The Far Side of the Wilderness