October 2015 archive

Winner – September -YA Survival Story

Congratulations to Graham Wilson for winning the September 2015 Young Adult competition.To download his story: go to COMPETITIONS: DOWNLOAD WINNING STORIES:  and click on the blue link to the story title.

Judge’s Report – September 2015 – Young Adult Fiction

SAWC – September 2015 Competition: Young Adult story about ‘Survival’. (2500 words) Firstly, thanks again to SAWC for hosting this competition and for giving me the opportunity to judge once more. At only eight entries this time around the field was fairly small, with the top three all jockeying for pole position. Intriguingly, and no […]

Winner May 2015 Science Fiction – After The Reception by Blaize Kaye

AFTER THE RECEPTION by Blaize Kaye 1  400 words I never knew my mom and dad. I remember them though. I remember the way they felt, the way they moved, across silicone and light. The way they spoke to each other. Even the way they fought. I remember so clearly how my dad felt the […]

Judge’s report: Science Fiction Story – May 2015

“Science fiction is the literature of the human species encountering change, whether it arrives via scientific discoveries, technological innovations, natural events, or societal shifts.” It is part of human nature to look into the future. Our very anatomy propagates the notion: our eyes look forward. Although we have the power to glance to the sides, […]

Winners – May 2015 Science Fiction

* 1st:  After the Reception by Blaize Kaye  * 2nd:  Voyage by Harry Hoshovsky.* 3rd:  Totally, completely, utterly fearless by Andrea Ward. * Highly Commended: * Trials and Teleportations by Peter Rogers;  * The Waiting Room by Penny Mitchell;  * Him by R Pollicut  

Entries for Annual Short Story competition

These are the entries for our Annual Short Story competition. The competition is in the capable hands of Carol Campbell – you can find out more about her here. Results will be shared as soon as we have them. Annual Short Story entries: Bride of the unfathomable Deep Caretaker, A Chicken in my Doek, A […]