2016 Competition Results

November 2016
Sankofa River & Harbour Tales 2016 Writing Challenge
Presented by Book & Design Fair Durban
Winners and Sponsors:
1st  – Pat Clur – The Qilin at Court   ( sponsored by eThekwini Municipality)
2nd  – Pat Clur – The Unbeliever  (sponsored by Durban Next Aesthetic)
3rd Place – Jackie Fairon – The Harbour Farewell  (sponsored by South African National Society)
Creative Determination – Menzi Maseko – Mirrors and Swords  ( sponsored by eThekwini Municipality)

November 2016
Romance Story
1st: Mrs. No Hat  – Justine Atkinson
2nd: This is forever – Candice Wedderman
3rd: Shared Moments – Brigid Mcleary
Highly Commended: Lovers on the Mountain – Pat Clur

October 2016
1000 word Flash Fiction from given prompt
1st:Glenda Jager – Out Of My Depth
2nd: Mikhail Peppas – She Wasn’t There
3rd: Pat Clur – The Truth Is Hard To Swallow

October 2016
30 lines Rhyming Poetry on ‘Anger’
1st: Candice Wedermann
2nd: Kate Quinn
3rd: Patricia Devenish
Highly Commended: Jackie Fairon

September 2016
Annual Short Story Competition – OPEN
1st:- Raj Isaac – Lessons in Xenophobia
2nd: Laura Campell – Those Who Would Listen
3rd: Angelique Pacheco – Birds of Change
Highly commended – Philna Smith for The Coming of the Crow
Highly commended – Jenny Young for Valentines Rose.

September 2016
Children’s Story from Graphic Prompt
1st. Laura Campbell: Crying for the Moon.
2nd. Lori-Ann Preston: The Mystery of the Missing Honky Tonk Piano.
3rd.Jenny Young: The Jade Frog.
Highly Commended. Glenda Jager: A Ghost In The Loft.

July 2016
30 minute Comedy Sitcom : Great Laughs To Brighter Futures
1st place: Patrick Coyne : The Better Half
Joint 2nd place:
Lori-Ann Preston : The Staff Room
Glenda Jager : Degeneration

June 2016
1000 Word Article – Unbelievable But True
Ist place: Jacqueline Dowling for I Don’t Believe It
Highly Commended:
1) Mary Voyadjis for Circle of Pride
2) Laura Campbell for Sinning for Mrs Doherty.

May 2016
Wuxia – Chinese Martial Arts Fiction
Judged by Cristy Zinn
1st: Pat Clur for The Bloody Palace of Heilong
2nd: Mary Voyadjis for Chasing the Dragon

April 2016
Historical Fiction
Judged by Robin Lamplough
1st: Jacqueline Dowling for The Further Adventures of Mole
2nd: Glenda Jager for The Rough Diamond
3rd: Ron Hancock for Shakespeare in Conversation

March 2016
1500 Word Crime Story – Beautifully Dangerous
Judged by Margaret Von Klemperer
Ist place: Pat Clur for My Spanking New Job
2nd place: Pat Clur for Know The Moves
Highly Commended:
Jenny Young for The Promise
Suzette Richards for The Well

February 2016
Flash Fiction Competition
Judged by Fred Felton
1st – Pat Clur for Fight for the Window Seat
2nd – Raj Isaac for Nexus
3rd – Kim Waddilove for Moments Fleeting
Special Mention – Ann Harbinson for Dance with Death

February 2016

Judged by Joan Boyes
1st – Lynne Savy for Linking Pink and Blue
2nd – Sanabelle Ebrahim for Fortuned Tapestries
3rd – Katy Young for Snatching Dancing Colours
Special mention:
Charmaine Cloete for Contrasting Emotions
Suzette Richards for The Grey Area of Compromise

December 2015 /January 2016
First Chapter of a Novel
Judge Zainub Dala

1st – Mary Voyadis for Revisitation
2nd – Jenny Young for They Call Me Nothing
3rd – Joshua M. Petersen for Independence
Special Mention/Highly Commended – Katy Young for Polly Sausages.