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October Flash Fiction Prompt

We’re trying something new with this month’s Flash Fiction competition. Below you will find an image and a prompt to guide you in writing your Flash Fiction piece. Best of luck! PROTAGONIST: You are part of a regular diving excursion. The leader of your dive is a competent, experienced diver. She has a calming presence […]

Winner – September -YA Survival Story

Congratulations to Graham Wilson for winning the September 2015 Young Adult competition.To download his story: go to COMPETITIONS: DOWNLOAD WINNING STORIES:  and click on the blue link to the story title.

Winner May 2015 Science Fiction – After The Reception by Blaize Kaye

AFTER THE RECEPTION by Blaize Kaye 1  400 words I never knew my mom and dad. I remember them though. I remember the way they felt, the way they moved, across silicone and light. The way they spoke to each other. Even the way they fought. I remember so clearly how my dad felt the […]

May Science Fiction short story entries

Here are our entries for the Science-Fiction short story competition: After the Reception Alien Nation Archie saves the Day Bloodline Brave new Body Clockwork Him In Darkness I see Mega Human, The Nerves of Steel She Trials and Teleportations Totally, completely, utterly fearless Voyage Waiting Room, The

July Screenwriting competition entries

Our screenwriting competition is now closed. We will post results when we have them. The entries are as follows: Property Stakes, The Thando, Zinhle and Baby Royalty To reach my Dream

Winning Entry: The Sheet by Giselle de Carvalho

Here is the winner of our February FLASH FICTION competition. Enjoy! The Sheet by Giselle de Carvalho It’s been three years since I have seen this brick driveway, cobbled by age, bricks missing like teeth. Not sure why I’m here now. She probably isn’t even around. She hasn’t been for a while, since she started […]

The Flesh of an African Heart by Ilanit Chernick

The heat of the sun made me sweat. It was only 7:30 in the morning, but the sun shone on my bed as though it were midday. My clothes were stuck to my body like bubble-gum sticks to your hair. I needed a shower, but I remembered the water had run out again. I had […]

Winning August Entry

Fake Diamonds Forever By Dorothy Meyer   (Judged by Felicity Keats) The jewellery store had been particularly busy. Shirley felt smothered by the December heat and Christmas crowds. She was going to the Emmy awards ceremony on Friday in Johannesburg. She must  pick out a necklace to go with her dress. The most talented actors and […]

Author Interview: LS York

In keeping with our Fantasy theme this month we interviewed fellow SAWC member L.S York about her enthralling New Adult fantasy, Book of Seconds. It is the first book in The Seventh Circle series. She chats to us about self-publishing and the hard work of writing. 1) How long have you been writing this particular […]

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