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Author Interview: LS York

In keeping with our Fantasy theme this month we interviewed fellow SAWC member L.S York about her enthralling New Adult fantasy, Book of Seconds. It is the first book in The Seventh Circle series. She chats to us about self-publishing and the hard work of writing. 1) How long have you been writing this particular […]

Author Interview: Julianne Alcott

Happy launch day to Julianne Alcott! Seeing as Julianne is an SAWC member, we thought we would pull a few strings and ask her some questions about her book and writing in general: 1. How long have you been writing? Was it something you have always wanted to do, or is it a newfound passion? […]

Annual Short Story Winning Entry: Henry’s First

King scrolled through the pictures on the screen. A shadow temporarily dimmed the light behind him. “Checking in with your whores again?” He didn’t turn. His nostrils smarted at the stench of her breath. After fifteen hours of pill induced oblivion, her hair would be mussed.  She would be wearing last week’s teddy with ash […]

Fantasy Short Story News

What exciting news we have! This year’s Fantasy Short Story competition is being proudly sponsored by Fox & Raven publishers, an upstart indie publisher making waves in the writing world. In the short time they have been in business they have produced an impressive catalogue of work. Check out their awesome website for more details […]

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