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Winning Entry: The Sheet by Giselle de Carvalho

Here is the winner of our February FLASH FICTION competition. Enjoy! The Sheet by Giselle de Carvalho It’s been three years since I have seen this brick driveway, cobbled by age, bricks missing like teeth. Not sure why I’m here now. She probably isn’t even around. She hasn’t been for a while, since she started […]

February Poetry results

Here are the February Poetry competition results: Pat Clur with The Ballad of Jim Hewitt Pat Schumann with The Catcher in the Surf Patrick Coyne with Blithe Spirit Highly Commended: Maureen Campbell with Jihad

Annual Short Story Winners!

Here are the winners for our Annual Short Story Competition: 1. Ilanit Chernick with Flesh of an African heart 2. Terry Sandy with The Gift (Noyzee) 3. Ron Hancock with My First Date Highly commended entries are as follows (in no particular order) Valerie Winstanley with Witchcraft Patrick Coyne with Carl’s Quest Ron Hancock with […]

March Crime short story competition

Here are our entries for our March Crime Short Story competition. Results will be posted when we have them. Anniversary, The Dragons, Death and Deceit It’s Murder on earth Operation Overture Shoot to kill Ten Minutes What a hungry Mind sees Who stole the Boerewors

February Poetry entries

Here are the entries for the poetry component of our February competition. Results will be posted as soon as we have them! Ballad of Jim Hewitt Blithe Spirit Butterfly Babe Catcher in the Surf, The Contemporary Marriage Blues Her Magnificence … Jihaad Monkey and the Hadeda, The Romancing the 21st Century Sweetness of a bitter […]

November Entries

Our November competition is a short story with a twist in the tale, judged by Dave de Burgh, author of Betrayal’s Shadow.  The results for the November “Twist in the Tail” competition is as follows: Jeff Glazier with Joint Decision Patrick Coyne with Buy my Flowers? Jacqueline Dowling with Warts and All   Boys will […]

October competition entries

October’s competition was two-fold: poetry and flash fiction. Here are the entries for October’s competitions. The judge for this competition is Alex Smith. Results will be posted as soon as we have them. Poetry Checkers Card Christmas in Congo Christmas People, The Christmas Past Christmas Spirit Deliverance Epic Tale of Christmas, The Inside Christmas Party […]

September children’s adventure story competition entries

The September monthly competition was a Children’s Adventure Story and is being judged by Paul Crilley. Here are the entries: Charlie the Rogue Danger in the Pluto Plantation Flirting with Trouble Galleons Greedy Wizard, The Green Man to the Rescue In the Garden at Night One Fridge Lovely Land Prospector, The Right to bear arms, […]

August Short Story competition entries

The August short story competition had a movie star theme and is being judged by Felicity Keats – a long time judge of SAWC competitions. AND THE WINNERS ARE… 1. Dorothy Meyer with Fake Diamonds 2. Rose Saayman with Lights, Camera, Action 3. Ann Harbinson with Past Presents 4. Jeff Glazier with The Final Curtain […]

Fantasy Competition Winners!

We figured the winners of the Fantasy competition deserved a post of their own. Plus we wanted to give some serious thanks to Marius du Plessis at Fox and Raven for being the generous benefactor of our fantastic prizes. We are so glad to have partnered with Fox and Raven in this competition. And so, […]

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