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June 2017 Travel Article – Judge’s Report

OVERALL REPORT June 2017 It goes without saying that every judge approaches their task differently and, inevitably, each judges entries from their own perspective, and according to their own tastes. So another judge might have come up with a completely different list of winners to those I have chosen. Entrants should, therefore, take comfort from […]

May 2017 Science Fiction

JUDGE’S REPORT: BLAIZE KAYE May 2017 Competition : Science Fiction   When approaching evaluating SFF short stories, it’s important to remember that it’s as open a genre as one could hope for. We can write about anything, and in any way we please. As Geoff Ryman has said, we have no settled aesthetic. On the […]

April Competition Historical Fiction – Judge’s Report

APRILCOMPETITION – Historical Fiction Judged by Robin Lamplough  Once again I was impressed by the quality and variety of the entries.  Competitors were willing and clearly able to explore a range of approaches and styles without losing sight of the stated requirements of the competition. The few entrants who neglected to consider these requirements made […]

JUDGE’S REPORT: February 2017 Poetry Competition

JUDGE’S REPORT: February Competition : HAIKU Poetry In the City at Sunset Judged by IRENE EMANUEL (AARONS) The Haiku format goes back to the 9th century and first appeared in Japan. “Your Dictionary” (on Google) described this format as “More than a type of poem; it is a way of looking at the physical world […]

Judge’s Report February Flash Fiction

Judge’s Report February 2017 Flash Fiction Brief: Go to any bookshelf in your home. Pick the seventh book on the shelf. Turn to page 7. The seventh noun from the top of the page is the title of your flash fiction piece. Judged by Graham Lancaster. Thank you for thinking of me for judging, which […]

Judge’s Report – Annual Short Story Competition – 2016

The SAWC 2016 Annual Short Story Competition was judged by Ian Tennent Judge’s Report SAWC – October 2016 Short Story Competition: Open (Fiction) – 3000 words First up, thank you to SAWC for once again affording me the opportunity to don my judging hat. From my side, judging a writing competition is a two-way street. […]

Judge’s Report – October Poetry Competition

SA Writers’ Circle Poetry Competition Thank you for asking me to adjudicate this poetry competition for you. I have found it an interesting – and somewhat difficult! – exercise. Not easy at all. But here are my reflections, comments and ultimate decision, which I hope you will find helpful. The clear theme in (nearly) all […]

March 2016 -1500 word Crime Story Beautifully Dangerous

Overall report for SAWC Crime Story Beautifully Dangerous Judged by Margaret Von Klemperer This was not an easy competition: crime writing requires certain specifics, such as tension and pace, and there is not much room in a 1500 word piece to develop either. However, there were some good attempts. Crime is also a genre which […]

June 2016 – Unbelievable But True – 1000 Word Article – Judge’s Report

A very enjoyable range of subjects, with some excellent submissions. I had great difficulty in deciding between the top submissions. Winning vote: I Do Not Believe It Some lovely descriptions which obviously flow from personal knowledge and experience of the characters in a children’s’ production. It is beautifully written and full of good humour; a […]

May 2016 – Wuxia Fiction – Judge’s Report

Wuxia is Chinese martial arts fiction featuring heroism, usually set in imperial China. The main protagonist is often a hero who is incredibly skilled and seeking justice. Most of the entries followed a training-story structure where their hero was trained first and then thrown into action but the story that stood out the most, was […]

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