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APRIL 2016 – Historical Fiction – Judge’s Report

Historical Fiction – April 2016 As usual, the high standard of the entries made it really difficult to select the winners.  Perhaps in future it would be helpful to emphasise in the rubric that the length limit in words is not just a pious wish but a precise requirement and that those entries whose lengths […]


First Chapter of a Novel – Dec2015/January 2016 Competition Judge‛s Report The First Chapter entries were a good eclectic Mix of various genres of literary style. A common theme seemed to be South African people who travel to other countries to seek some sort of emotional or physical answers to dilemmas. This was very interesting […]

February 2016 Flash Fiction – Judge’s Report

February 2016 Flash Fiction – Moments Fleeting – 300 words Overall Judges Report The entries this year were of a high standard.  The winner stood out for an interesting story filled with humour and violence mixed together with some wonderful black comedy.   Writers need to pay attention to the following, the title, the opening line […]

February 2016 Poetry – Judge’s Report

February 2016 Poetry – Snatching Colours 12 Lines – Judge’s Report This was a good selection of eleven poems that gave me great pleasure to judge.   They were of a higher standard than usual which was pleasing and I enjoyed reading them.   I found the topic interesting in its diversity.   The “Two Colours” had its […]

Judge’s Report – Twist In The Tale – November 2015

What a great collection of stories, so varied. Sci-fi, fairy tales, murder…there is great imagination at work here. And some excellent submissions. I enjoyed reading all of them and had a pretty hard job deciding on the top three. Amongst the stories in  general I noticed a lot of over-writing. By which I mean, too […]

Judge’s Report Flash Fiction October 2015

The entries this year were of a very high standard and one can see that many writers have done well to craft their works.  As one looks at the entries there are many tales that are filled with humour.  Some have surprise endings which always work well.  Titles are also important and quite a few […]

Judge’s Report – October 2015 – Poetry

Dear Poets Thank you for submitting. This in my opinion only. Another judge will see the poems differently. Here is a general comment that applies to nearly all the entries. Here are few suggestions. Please read then see what applies to your poem.  I hope these suggestions help. Most of the poems are still in […]

Judge’s Report – September 2015 – Young Adult Fiction

SAWC – September 2015 Competition: Young Adult story about ‘Survival’. (2500 words) Firstly, thanks again to SAWC for hosting this competition and for giving me the opportunity to judge once more. At only eight entries this time around the field was fairly small, with the top three all jockeying for pole position. Intriguingly, and no […]

Judge’s report: Science Fiction Story – May 2015

“Science fiction is the literature of the human species encountering change, whether it arrives via scientific discoveries, technological innovations, natural events, or societal shifts.” It is part of human nature to look into the future. Our very anatomy propagates the notion: our eyes look forward. Although we have the power to glance to the sides, […]

August competition Judge’s Report

Judge’s Report August 2015 Competition A defining Moment     What a privilege to be asked to adjudicate the Writer’s Circle monthly short story competition. It was good fun to settle in every evening to read a fresh work and I enjoyed the different plots and styles. All the writers showed a skilled command of […]

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