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Judge’s Report – September 2015 – Young Adult Fiction

SAWC – September 2015 Competition: Young Adult story about ‘Survival’. (2500 words) Firstly, thanks again to SAWC for hosting this competition and for giving me the opportunity to judge once more. At only eight entries this time around the field was fairly small, with the top three all jockeying for pole position. Intriguingly, and no […]

Judge’s report: Science Fiction Story – May 2015

“Science fiction is the literature of the human species encountering change, whether it arrives via scientific discoveries, technological innovations, natural events, or societal shifts.” It is part of human nature to look into the future. Our very anatomy propagates the notion: our eyes look forward. Although we have the power to glance to the sides, […]

August competition Judge’s Report

Judge’s Report August 2015 Competition A defining Moment     What a privilege to be asked to adjudicate the Writer’s Circle monthly short story competition. It was good fun to settle in every evening to read a fresh work and I enjoyed the different plots and styles. All the writers showed a skilled command of […]

Forestry Competition: Judge’s Report

SAWC FORESTRY COMPETITION 2015 Judge’s Report Reading the remarkable range and variety of entries, I was encouragingly reminded that there are still those, in an increasingly utilitarian world, who are willing to put time, effort and creative flair into producing in written form unique gems of thought and expression. I sincerely thank the organizers and […]

Judge’s Report for the Children’s Adventure Story competition

Due to some unforseen events, our children’s adventure story judge had to be replaced. Ian Tennents, author of Zululand Snow, took over the job and has wowed us with his insightful commentary. Here are his overall impressions of the entries: Judge’s Report Children’s Adventure Story (10-12 Age Group) Firstly, thank you to SAWC for allowing […]

March Competition Judge’s Report

Judge’s General Report on March 2015 Crime Story Competition I’ll say it again. If you want to achieve success in a SAWC competition read the specifications carefully. For the March competition there were three specs: Write a crime story. Dictionaries define ‘crime’ as ‘a violation of law’ but also ‘an act gravely wrong morally’. So […]

First Chapter of a Novel Judge’s Report

by Ginny Swart I really loved this job! It was a privilege to read all these chapters and with many of them I was sorry that I couldn’t carry on and read more. Some writers included a synopsis of the book – these might be either already written or still in the planning stages. This […]

November Judge’s Report

The first thing I feel the need to mention is that many of the writers are writing in ‘voices’ that are clearly not their own. L Some writers may think that using – what they consider to be – excellent English and words that they wouldn’t use every day (smacks of too much Thesaurus-usage in […]

August Short Story Judges Report

Judges: Felicity Keats Morrison and Detlev Diegel There were nine entries, all vastly different. These included actors and actresses in movies-in-the- making, or aspiring actresses. One was auditioning for a child star. Another took a secluded holiday in the snowy Swiss mountains to write a script in which she would star – only to give […]

One-Act stage play Judge’s Report

Ralph Lawson’s report on the One-Act Stage Play competition entries Your theme was well chosen and provided great scope for humour, conflict and resolution in an engaging situation, and the playwrights rose to the challenge admirably. In general scripts were well set out, with nicely detailed stage directions. These are often overlooked, along with the […]

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