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March 2013 Mystery Short Story Judge’s Report

The short story is a delicate art form. How do we put across a satisfying narrative in such a limited framework? I know established novelists who struggle when it comes to writing short stories. The short story asks the writer to zero in on a moment, hold it for a few pages, and let it […]

February 2013 Poetry Judge’s report

This competition provided a variety of pieces, some with great potential and others needing more care in the writing.    In some there was a good use of words (the English language has so many to offer)  which gave one a suggestion of a kind of music.   Write and rewrite; the first offering is never to […]

February 2013 Flash Fiction Judge’s Report

This was a challenging topic which really stretched the imagination of participants. Few have experienced real war which makes ‘write about what you have experienced’ difficult. And so new interpretations of war were conjured up – war with the neighbours, wars of words and analogies of teenage rebellion and rugby battles. Interestingly, the pieces which […]

Dec 2012/Jan 2013 First Chapter of a Novel Judge’s Report

DEC 2012/JAN 2013: First Chapter of a Novel Competition Report Thank you for the allowing me to judge your competition!  It was a great experience and I’ve enjoyed your submissions.  Some are excellent and other require a bit more work, but in the end of the day as writers our learning never stops!  We should […]

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