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Entries for Annual Short Story competition

These are the entries for our Annual Short Story competition. The competition is in the capable hands of Carol Campbell – you can find out more about her here. Results will be shared as soon as we have them. Annual Short Story entries: Bride of the unfathomable Deep Caretaker, A Chicken in my Doek, A […]

Winning Entry: The Sheet by Giselle de Carvalho

Here is the winner of our February FLASH FICTION competition. Enjoy! The Sheet by Giselle de Carvalho It’s been three years since I have seen this brick driveway, cobbled by age, bricks missing like teeth. Not sure why I’m here now. She probably isn’t even around. She hasn’t been for a while, since she started […]

February Poetry Judge

It is pleasing to note that the theme for this year’s SAWC poetry competition was a sonnet. It is good that writers are encouraged to engage with traditional poetic forms; this is one way of making new writers aware of the value of poetic form, and that a poem is not simply an outpouring of […]

Fantasy Competition Winners!

We figured the winners of the Fantasy competition deserved a post of their own. Plus we wanted to give some serious thanks to Marius du Plessis at Fox and Raven for being the generous benefactor of our fantastic prizes. We are so glad to have partnered with Fox and Raven in this competition. And so, […]

February Flash Fiction Judge’s Report

FEBRUARY COMPETITION FLASH FICTION THE DIAMOND NECKLACE Judge’s Report The challenge of writing a story of under 500 words is that developing characters and describing settings becomes secondary to getting down to the actual story. There is an art to conveying the feelings and emotions of the protagonists in few words. Dialogue has to be […]

May: Fantasy Short Story entries & results

Here are the entries for our May Fantasy Short Story competition. Remember, this competition is open until the 31st of May and non-members can enter. The prizes are fantastic (check them out here) so make sure you enter. We will continue to update this list and post results when they are available. Around the Watering […]

Annual Short Story Competition results

Here are the results for our Annual Short Story competition. This year’s judge was Felicity Keats. 1.Penny Micthell with Henry’s First 2.Pamela Schofield with Sweet Pumpkin 3.Valerie Winstanley with The Gentleman Five Runners-Up: Ron Hancock with Running into Trouble Michelle Beater with Jersey Boy Jeff Glazier with Station at the End of the LIne Susan-Newham-Blake […]

February 2014 Poetry Entries

Here are the titles of the poetry entries for the February poetry competition. We will post the names of the winners as soon as we have them. Alzheimer Arisen Diamond Necklace, The Disclaimer Epiphany of a young Teacher Hands that broke the Bread, The Letters Night, The On the Occasion of a Birthday Operation, The […]

February 2014 Flash Fiction Competition Entries

Here are the flash fiction results! Christopher Conrady with To personify or not to personify, that is the question Jeff Glazierwith The Diamond Necklace: The missing Link Wendy Greeff with The Diamond Necklace: The Key Here are the entries for our February Flash Fiction competition. We have labelled them by pseudonym only, as all the […]

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