Submission Guidelines

Revised June 2018

  1. The entry fee is R35 per entry unless otherwise stated. Please pay via EFT (ELECTRONIC FUND TRANSFER). Due to excessive bank charges, SAWC can no longer accept cash payments made at the bank or using an ATM.
  2. Cash payments can still be made to the Treasurer at the monthly meetings in Durban.
  3. Members who do not win a prize in a particular competition may re-enter their work, amended if necessary, in a subsequent competition.
  4. Competitions are open only to paid-up members of the SA Writers’ Entries received from non-members will not be judged, and the entry fee will be forfeited.
  5. Entries must be the writer’s own original work.
  6. An entry which has been published in a commercial magazine or in an anthology, bears an ISBN, or has won a prize in another competition, either within or outside of the SAWC, may not be entered.
  7. The prize money is: First – R100, Second – R75, and Third – R50 (unless otherwise determined by the SAWC).
  8. Should your entry be placed, please notify the Competitions Manager or Treasurer of your banking details. Please note that the SAWC does not have the capacity to retain banking details.
  9. Points for the annual writing competition are awarded as follows: 1st – 5; 2nd – 4; 3rd — 3; and Highly Commended – 2. These points accumulate over the year (January to December), and awards are made to the persons receiving the highest total in various categories.
  10. The judges’ decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  11. All entries to competitions are done anonymously – entrants must provide a pseudonym. SAWC judges have no idea of the name, race, culture, gender, or age of any entrant to our competitions. Entries will be judged on literary merit, creative imagination, and ability to enthral.
  12. Many good short stories are let down by poor formatting. For tips on proper manuscript formatting we suggest you read the following:
  13. All competition entries must be in English.
  14. Only e-mail entries will be accepted. Please email your entry to the Competitions Manager at
  15. Entries must consist of the following documentations as SEPARATE ATTACHMENTS in ONE EMAIL:
  • Entry
  • Entry Form
  • Proof of payment
  1. If proof of payment is sent via email by the bank, please have it forwarded to
  2. Proof of payment must include a reference (at least the first 3 letters of your surname plus first initial and the month of entry, for example, SoaJ-Feb).
  • Banking details are as follows:

SA Writers’ Circle
Standard Bank
Current account
Hillcrest branch: 045726
Account number: 250780119.


SAWC Competition Presentation

  1. The title of the work, the pseudonym and the number of words must appear in the centre at the top of the first page as follows:

The Title of the Story



2501 words

  1. No cover page is required.
  2. All entries must be typed using one and a half or double spacing, in Microsoft Word.
  3. A completed competition entry form and proof of payment must accompany each entry.
  4. Keep a copy of all material sent.


  • The entry fee is R35 per entry, unless otherwise specified. Please pay by EFT. The SAWC can no longer accept direct cash deposits made over the counter or at an ATM, due to excessive bank charges. Cash payments can still be made to the Treasurer at the monthly meetings.
  • If the correct entry fee is not sent with each entry, your entry will be returned to you, without being judged.
  • If an entry is submitted by a person who is not a paid-up member of the SAWC, the entry will not be judged and the entry fee will be forfeited.
  • Each entry judged will receive an individual critique and the judge’s overall report.
  • Send proof of payment to the Competitions Manager:
  • Proof of payment must include a reference (first three letters of your surname + your initial and the month of entry, e.g. ZinC-Dec).


Download attachments:

Competition Entry Form in .doc format
Competition Entry Form in .pdf format