Upcoming competitions

SAWC Competition entries must be in the Competition Manager’s  inbox (competitions.sawc@gmail.com) by the last day of every month. Please download the Competition Entry Form at the bottom of this page.
Entry fee:
R35 per entry unless otherwise specified. CASH, CHEQUES or ELECTRONIC TRANSFERS only please. If paying by cheque, please add R15 to cover the extra charges from the bank.

Poetry 30 lines
Write a rhyming poem of not more than thirty lines entitled Anger.
Closing Date 31 October

Prompt Competition -1000 words
To enter this competition, write a short story based on the following prompts for location, situation, and protagonist:.
PROTAGONIST: You are part of a regular diving excursion. The leader of your dive is a competent, experienced diver. She has a calming presence and you trust her capabilities.
LOCATION: You are under water with your group, diving in an exotic location. Your dive leader is nearby. The visibility is excellent with warm waters and unusual corals.
SITUATION: You look under a rock as an unusual fish caught your eye. When you look up again, you are completely alone. Your group and diving leader have disappeared.






Write a story of 1000 words about what happens next.

Closing Date 31 October

Romance: Love is Not an Emotion – 2500 words
Emotions fade and change. Love is a choice. Love is a promise. No matter what, he will never hurt her. Write a short story where love is more than just an emotion or a brief crush. What do you think the true power of love is?
Closing Date 30 November

First Chapter of Novel – 3000 words
Write the first chapter of a novel.
Closing Date 31 January
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