Upcoming competitions

SAWC Competition entries must be in P O Box 2342, Westville 3630 or the Competition Manager’s  inbox by the last day of every month. Please download the Competition Entry Form at the bottom of this page.
Entry fee:
R35 per entry unless otherwise specified. CASH, CHEQUES or ELECTRONIC TRANSFERS only please. If paying by cheque, please add R15 to cover the extra charges from the bank.

JULY 2016
TV Screenplay – Comedy Sitcom: Great Laughs to Brighter Futures – 30 minutes
Write a short comedy sitcom for TV using the art of humour to convey a different perspective on a popular opinion.
FOR TIPS ON SCREENPLAY FORMAT: http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/writersroom/scripts/screenplay.pdf
Closing Date 31 July

Fiction: Malice Domestic – 2500 words
The term “malice domestic” loosely defines the genre of traditional mysteries. Write a mystery story purposely avoiding unnecessary blood, unjustified brutality, or explicit intimacy. Craft your story with intriguing suggestion and suspense. A master of this genre was Agatha Christie.
Closing Date 31 August

pianoSEPTEMBER 2016
Children’s Story: Living Picture – 1500 words
A children’s story aimed at ages 10-12. Write a story about what you see in the picture shown alongside.
Closing Date 30 September

Annual Short Story – Short Story – 3000 words
Write a short story with a topic of your choice.



Click here for details







Closing Date
30 September

Prompt Competition -1000 words
Enter into this competition and write a short story based on the prompts you receive. You will be given a specific location, situation, and protagonist that must be the centre of your story.
Closing Date 31 October

Romance: Love is Not an Emotion – 2500 words
Emotions fade and change. Love is a choice. Love is a promise. No matter what he will never hurt her. Write a short story where love is more than just an emotion or a brief crush. What do you think the true power of love is?
Closing Date 30 November

First Chapter of Novel – 3000 words
Write the first chapter of a novel.
Closing Date 31 January