Upcoming competitions

SAWC Competition entries must be in P O Box 2342, Westville 3630 or the Competition Manager’s  inbox by the last day of every month. Please download the Competition Entry Form at the bottom of this page.
Entry fee:
R35 per entry unless otherwise specified. CASH, CHEQUES or ELECTRONIC TRANSFERS only please. If paying by cheque, please add R15 to cover the extra charges from the bank.

Fiction: Malice Domestic – 2500 words
The term “malice domestic” loosely defines the genre of traditional mysteries. Write a mystery story purposely avoiding unnecessary blood, unjustified brutality, or explicit intimacy. Craft your story with intriguing suggestion and suspense. A master of this genre was Agatha Christie.
Closing Date 31 August

pianoSEPTEMBER 2016
Children’s Story: Living Picture – 1500 words
A children’s story aimed at ages 10-12. Write a story about what you see in the picture shown alongside.
Closing Date 30 September

Annual Short Story – Short Story – 3000 words
Write a short story with a topic of your choice.



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Closing Date
30 September

Prompt Competition -1000 words
Enter into this competition and write a short story based on the prompts you receive. You will be given a specific location, situation, and protagonist that must be the centre of your story.
Closing Date 31 October

Romance: Love is Not an Emotion – 2500 words
Emotions fade and change. Love is a choice. Love is a promise. No matter what he will never hurt her. Write a short story where love is more than just an emotion or a brief crush. What do you think the true power of love is?
Closing Date 30 November

First Chapter of Novel – 3000 words
Write the first chapter of a novel.
Closing Date 31 January