February 2016 Flash Fiction – Judge’s Report

February 2016 Flash Fiction – Moments Fleeting – 300 words
Overall Judges Report

The entries this year were of a high standard.  The winner stood out for an interesting story filled with humour and violence mixed together with some wonderful black comedy.   Writers need to pay attention to the following, the title, the opening line and the closing line of the story.  Give me more details in the story.  I want to know more about these people.  Is it a driver or is it an obese driver.  These details can make a story sink or swim.  Some writers need to pay attention to grammar and spelling as sometimes using the wrong word can make a story mean something totally different.  Tips to consider include reading your story first before you submit it.  Can you spot any spelling errors? Does the story sound good? Can you do better?

Other items to look at include spacing and how you space your sentences.  Have a look at some of the best writers in the world and see how their books look.  Other items to look at include the font you use and the size of your font.  All of these things together can either make your story stand out or make it look bad.

As always keep writing.

Fred Felton