Going Global – Technology made simple

This book is a must for all those who are scared to ask but want to know. Whilst not naughty, there’s nothing wrong with hiding this book under your bed until the coast is clear.

It’s no secret that the age of smoke signals, galloping messengers and bottled notes is well and truly pickled. The world has gone global, and so has the art of communication. Going Global – Technology made Simple covers the basics of those technological mysteries that we grapple with. It invites the uninitiated to master the cell phone, computer and email, Google, Skype, ereaders, online banking, Facebook, and GPS technologies. There’s even a bit on blogging and Twitter.
This book won’t simply put you in touch – it’ll send you over the moon without you even having to leave your armchair. Enjoy the trip!


Penny Mitchell

Penny has a son in Australia, a daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter in South Africa, and parents in the UK. In her student days, she strengthened her fingers on a typewriter. She later conquered her fear of the telex machine. It would erupt with horrific rattling to signify a live connection with a faceless one across the globe. Today, communication plays a crucial role in her career.

Penny spends her leisure time exploring the universe and staying in touch. Her laptop is close enough to walk her fingers between worlds, and she doesn’t miss a thing.

Sue Trollip

Sue has family in California and friends in the UK and so is an avid Skype user. She enjoys keeping in touch via Facebook and swopping pictures on Picasa. Although she joined Twitter, she can’t quite feel the fever.

There are many things she has no desire to go without, including her Blackberry and her ereader. Sue has worked in the editing and administration fields for over 20 years and has a BA(Hons) degree in Theory of Literature.