Judge’s Report February Flash Fiction

Judge’s Report February 2017 Flash Fiction
Brief: Go to any bookshelf in your home. Pick the seventh book on the shelf. Turn to page 7. The seventh noun from the top of the page is the title of your flash fiction piece.
Judged by Graham Lancaster.

Thank you for thinking of me for judging, which is always a pleasure to help in any way.
The choice between first and second was difficult and took a lot of mulling over, over the space of a week but the quality of writing won.
The overall standard was high with good imaginative writing and I have given a small crit on each except the pdf files. Writers, please do not construe this as negative criticism as that might be the style you have chosen.
Writing should be consistent throughout – spacing, new line for CPV, change of point of view. All indented, or none, so as to not leave the reader searching for the break or putting in their own, which might change the intended meaning.
Comma usage; read the passage aloud and the punctuation finds its place.
Writing to a target of 300 words shouldn’t be difficult but some appear to have filled space with repetition to achieve this. A short story should be crisp and not flowery.
Some require attention to detail and spell check. Ensure the page is set to UK English before starting writing or it will default to US English which might not be noticed.
Twists: some were unclear as to the writer’s intended ending.
Well done. Keep going and do not be discouraged in any way.
Graham Lancaster.