Judge’s Report Flash Fiction October 2015

The entries this year were of a very high standard and one can see that many writers have done well to craft their works.  As one looks at the entries there are many tales that are filled with humour.  Some have surprise endings which always work well.  Titles are also important and quite a few of the authors have chosen excellent titles.
As Stephen King says read a lot and write a lot.
Stories that stood out include ‘Leaving’, ‘Wanton Wanda’ and ‘The Protest March.’
It was interesting to note that quite a few tales dealt with home security and even the history of South Africa and protests and marches which are right in the mind of South Africans right now.
As an exercise try and write a story in one sentence.  It will help you greatly.  Have a seat in a coffee shop or shopping mall and study the people that come and go.  There are so many tales out there including your own.
To your continued success.

Fred Felton