June 2016 – Unbelievable But True – 1000 Word Article – Judge’s Report

A very enjoyable range of subjects, with some excellent submissions. I had great difficulty in deciding between the top submissions.
Winning vote: I Do Not Believe It
Some lovely descriptions which obviously flow from personal knowledge and experience of the characters in a children’s’ production. It is beautifully written and full of good humour; a compelling read.
Highly commended: Circle of Pride
Clever writing and use of tenses. It rings true to life. It reflects a very good understanding of the subject matter and of the customs and life-styles of people with different backgrounds. The use of the word “children” is interesting. Is it intentional? Normally, “boys and girls” wouldn’t drive a car or go to work, so these must have been late teens, but perhaps the word children is a device which illustrates the naivete of these eight.
Highly commended: Sinning For Mrs Doherty
Well constructed piece with an implicit message and a good ending. Excellent glimpse into the mind of a child.