May: Fantasy Short Story entries & results

Here are the entries for our May Fantasy Short Story competition. Remember, this competition is open until the 31st of May and non-members can enter. The prizes are fantastic (check them out here) so make sure you enter. We will continue to update this list and post results when they are available.

Around the Watering Hole
Battle of the Mind
Betrayal of the Empanions, The
Between Landscape and Memory
Black Forest Chateau
Catching ZZZ during English
Channel 63
Conjurer of Meteorites
Day of the painted Horse, The
Death not worth living, A
Elegon’s Egg, The
Good Wife, The
Guardian, The
In One’s Mind’s Eye
Island in the Sky, An
Kat’s Eyes
Kiss of the Gaot
Little King
Lovely Land
Magic Mountain, The
Marlever and the Tooth Fairy
Mask, The
Naughty Axies, The
Nessie-ssary Encounter, A
Nightingale Prophecy, The
Once-Woman, The
Phantasy Party
Prophecy, The
Salesman, The
Sea Song
Secret of Izintaba, The
Soldiers among Bees
Through the Barrier
Too young to be Tooth Fairies
Two Days and Tomorrow
Weidemann’s Malady
Where Dragons roam
Whither you go