10 years of being slightly serious

Patrick has been writing his Slightly Serious Column for the South African Writers’ Circle newsletter for the past ten years. In them he comments on matters ranging from slang down the ages to technological frustrations and written and spoken bloopers. As a wise, funny and insightful writer, his monthly missives are what most people turn to when first receiving their newsletters. They may have disagreed hotly or nodded their heads sagely, but there is no doubt that Patrick’s words left you with a smile on your face, and something to think about in your head. Slightly Serious is a mischievous observation of life in South Africa and, from time to time,  the rest of the world. Our morals and mores – the famous and infamous and the general hoi polloi do not escape his scrutiny.

‘Slightly Serious is a light read that fans of  writing and anyone with a sense of humour can enjoy – it is the sort of book you can dip into at any chapter for relaxing reading.’- Garth Johnstone, The Mercury

Patrick Coyne slightly_serious
Author: Patrick Coyne
ISBN – 0-9584978-3-4
Price: R90 incl. P&P