A guide to South Africa’s mountain passes and poorts

South Africa’s roads are rich in magnificent mountain passes and poorts, any one of which can turn a journey into a memorable experience. Passes were formidable obstacles for vehicles of the past, but nowadays we can enjoy them without worrying whether we shall be able to make it to the top. Information about passes and poorts is not easily available to travellers. Very often it is buried in awkwardly large reference books, or in separate Internet addresses that are inconvenient, even on your laptop. Hence this book, which is compact enough to fit into a bag or car cubby-hole.

‘When Patrick Coyne’s book appeared on my horizon I devoured it in three days. I found it spell binding… In a very short time I have come to think of it in much the same way as I think of my bird book – I want to go back and consult it, day after day. I say get a copy.’ – Peter Dearlove, Montagu Mail

Patrick Coyne A guide to South Africa's mountain passes and poorts
Author: Patrick Coyne
ISBN – 978-0-9814489-0-9
Price: R245, or R250 incl. P&P
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