A time to survive

War, that atrocity accompanied by chaos, suffering and death, provokes images of Hades unbridled. The flower of nations will be cut down bleeding in the steaming cauldron of bale now raging in the Far East.

Singapore, Malaya, Sumatra, will fall on the altar of Japanese Imperialism. Who will send their finest to stem the relentless drive of Japanese determination?

War, that rampant horror that brings out the worst in the aggressor and the best in the defender. Samantha Davey heeds the inner call of, “Go where you are needed. Make haste before all is lost.” Sam works long hours beside military doctors, indeed war often calls on the nurse to perform what doctors would do in peacetime.

But even in the midst of war fleeting moments of peace may be found in love. Set against the backdrop of the Fall of Singapore, the story follows the evolution of a shy young English Naval Nurse into a resolute woman and the undying love felt for her by her handsome pilot. It takes as its backdrop the harrowing, factual circumstances of the evacuation of Singapore in 1942 and the courage of those who dedicated their lives to others during World War II. It is a narrative of hope and humanity, showing the compassion within people and their bravery under extreme circumstances.