Share the stage

Patrick explains in simple, practical terms how to produce plays for children aged 8 to 13 years. This book will show any person starting out in drama how to avoid mistakes with their often amusing, but sometimes embarrassing or even disastrous consequences. Topics covered include Finding the Right Play, with the possibility of writing your own, Casting the Play, Rehearsals, the Producer’s role during rehearsals and performances, and a chapter on Inter-House One-Act Play Competitions. The Second half of the book is devoted to the Author’s successful 3-act play The Star Children, together with notes on how he devised the play, his reasons for the choice of plot, setting, and characters, and how the names of the characters could be adapted to suit any racial group.
‘This little gem should be prescribed reading for every primary school language and drama teacher in the country – and it wouldn’t do their high school colleagues any harm to follow suit either.’ – Frank Graham, well-known Stage Actor, Producer & Radio Actor
Hierdie boek sal binnekort ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar wees.

Patrick Coyne Share the stage
Author: Patrick Coyne
ISBN – 978-0-9814276-3-8
Price: R195 incl. P&P
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