Something to read on the plane

And for your in-flight entertainment – A Bit of Light Literature, Short Stories & Other Fun Stuff.
It’s a light-hearted variety of humorous articles, short stories ranging from hypochondria to murder, plus a quiz, agony aunt column, limericks and a collection of malapropisms to keep you amused and divert you from the tedium of flying. .

“This muesli must be old. It’s got weasels in it.”

A great book to keep with you whilst travelling, and a perfect gift (suitable for both men and women) for someone who is going on a trip.


“Should be compulsory reading to keep incorrigible chatterers quiet” – Frequent Flyer.
“Could also be used to ram down their throats” – Flight Attendant.
“The stories about me are hugely exaggerated” – Author’s Spouse.
“Shredded drafts of this book line my litter tray. Royalties from this book will go towards proper deodorized litter and reduce complaints about the smell” – Family Cat
“What a relief that will be” – Family Dog.