The South African Writers’ Circle was started in 1960 by Fay Goldie, as the Durban Writer’s Circle. Owing to the increasing interest shown in our activities from outside Durban, our name was changed to ‘The South African Writers’ Circle’ in 1985.

The purpose of the South African Writers’ circle is to encourage and assist all writers, new and experienced, and to promote the art of creative writing in general.

There are numerous benefits in belonging to the SAWC.

  • Members receive 11 newsletters per year, with a joint Dec/Jan issue, containing information on the general writing scene, markets and national and international competitions, book reviews and articles on writing techniques.
  • The SAWC is the only association in South Africa which runs monthly competitions covering the whole spectrum of writing: novels, short stories, articles, poetry, plays, humour, children’s stories and science fiction.
    All entries to competitions are done anonymously. Entrants  use pseudonyms, so SAWC judges have no idea of the name, race, culture, gender, or age of any entrant to the competitions. The quality, suitability and adherence to the rules of entry are the criteria professional writers use when judging these competitions.
    Due to practical logistics we can only accept entries in English.
    Each entrant receives a full critique on work submitted, whether they are prizewinners or not. Professional writers judge these competitions and the prizewinning entries are published in the monthly newsletter.
  • A monthly meeting is held in Durban, each one with a guest speaker, discussing various aspects of writing, or holding workshops.
  • Free promotion of your books on our Facebook page (with 1000+ members)

Would you like to join? If so, please complete the Application for Membership form and return it to the above address together with your subscription for one year. We look forward to welcoming you as a member.

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For NEW members joining part-way through the year, the TREASURER will determine any pro-rating of the fees due.
The fees for January to December 2018 are as follows:

  • Member
    Single: R205 per annum
    Couple: R270 per annum
  • Pensioner (older than 60 years of age):
    Single: R160 per annum
    Couple: R210 per annum
  • Student:
    R160 per annum

SAWC 2018 Fees by month
All renewals occur on 1 January of each year. As a result, if you join during the year, pay for the month in which you join a year only. The following fees are applicable:-
table-of-fees-for-2018Please make an EFT payment to the following account.Due to excessive bank charges, the SAWC is can longer accept cash payments made at the bank or by using ATMs. It is imperative that you reference the payment with your initial and surname and inform us of the deposit:

    CURRENT A/C. NO. 250780119

All Proof of Payment (for subs, competition entries, seminars etc.) must be sent to Brigid at