Speakers Panel

The SAWC Speakers’ Panel delivers presentations, speeches, talks, readings and the like to interested groups.

The Speakers Panel consists of members who are competent and willing to present to external groups, organisations and assemblies. They are also available for occasional internal SAWC presentations. The panel members offer a diverse range of subjects or topics that ensure breadth of quality coverage. We envisage an approximate balance of male and female members. Members of the panel might share platforms to aid diversity and coverage.

The support of the SAWC membership is crucial in identifying groups who need a speaker or presenter. In turn, the Circle is likely to benefit through the interaction, as outsiders come to appreciate the opportunities SAWC membership can bring. We invite members to assist where possible by:

  • uncovering the need for a speaker,
  • identifying the most relevant speaker and topic,
  • linking the proposed speaker directly with the person making the request,
  • Feeding the email addresses and addressee of institutions that might be interested in receiving a copy of this document to acoutts@iafrica.com

Presenters offer audiences a very brief description of the Writers Circle at the start of any presentation that comes through the Circle. In a few sentences, this conveys that we: are the South African Writers’ Circle, promote members’ interests and writing in general, meet on Saturday of the third week of every month at the Westville library, and offer members a Website and Newsletter.

The body of the presentation will usually relate to books or poems written by the speaker, techniques of writing, style and language, ‘classic’ books or poems’, ‘historic’ authors or new emerging authors, or related topics. These topics are in accordance with the SAWC Constitution, which promotes literature and writing in a general way. The content selected will coincide as directly as possible with the initial request.

Involvement does not preclude panel members from engaging with independent and individual marketing, presentations or other related activities unrelated to SAWC activities.

Members request outside organisations to (more or less) cover travel costs, especially if venues are distant. We anticipate no fee.

At the presenter’s discretion, they will submit a photograph and brief report of an outsider function for inclusion on the Website or Newsletter, to the benefit of liaison with outsiders.