Irene Emmanuel

Born: 07-11-1943, in Johannesburg. I have lived in Durban since 2002.

Winner of the Hilde Slinger Cup for Poetry in 2009, and winner of the Fay Goldie Cup for General Success in the World of Publishing in 2011. Both of these awards are presented by the South African Writers’ Circle.

Poetry allows me to get my message across with rhythmic speed and clarity and is the written word that I like best. My passions are music, reading, movies and cats.

Poetry has brought me into contact with many special people and in the process I have learnt that poetry breaks down social barriers of class and language. I feel privileged to have a gift of such magnitude, one that I love to share with anyone who wants to listen.

I have given talks at Pinetown Boys’ High School; Adult Education; Writers’ Group at St Agnes Church; East Coast Christian College, Illovo and at the South African Writers’ Circle. I have also judged a few Poetry competitions.

My poems have been published in South African and overseas journals. My work was selected for publication in World Anthology of Journeys, and in April 2012 two poems appeared in Unbreaking The Rainbow, Voices of Protest. Other poems were published in issues of A Hudson View and The Speech and Drama Association of S. A.

In 2006, a collection of my poems, A Scorpion Sings was published by Trayberry Press. Selection of poetry published by Osborne Porter Literary Services, March 2011, Titled: Count Catula of Shadoland & friends. I am currently working on a third collection of poetry.

Presentations relate to Irene’s or others’ poetry that can explore the following topics:

  • About animals
  • The power of the word
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Positive belief
  • The beauty of poetry

Irene Emmanuel

Irene Emmanuel

External Speaker available for workshops and talks.
Phone: 031 2666223