Victoria Pereira

Victoria was born in Moçambique; and came to Durban with her family in 1976. She worked as accountant, translator, lecturer in religious studies, and participated in international conferences.

A published writer and poet; also a facilitator, she is interested in inter-cultural dialogue, and inspiring others to write. Some of her works are in books and journals in SA and overseas.

Victoria loves animals, and humans too, but ‘these can be hard work’… Loyal to family, friend, even foes, can be a ‘Donkey Xote ’ and a pain in the neck… For cover… mountains and trees,writing, chatting, meditation, music, working with clay, etc.

Victoria Pereira

Victoria Pereira

Cell: +27 72 117 4193
Telephone: +27 31 266 7401
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Presentation topics

Readings and workshops:

  • Whispers in the wind – 1993 published collection of poems by an immigrant
  • Under a Swirling Sun – 2012 a published metafiction novel
  • Pathways of Feeling – 2010 published short stories written by Portuguese Women in SA

The themes are: Life in Moçambique and the take over, immigration, life in South Africa, communication, creative writing, self-empowerment and spirituality