Winning Entry: The Sheet by Giselle de Carvalho

Here is the winner of our February FLASH FICTION competition. Enjoy!

The Sheet by Giselle de Carvalho

It’s been three years since I have seen this brick driveway, cobbled by age, bricks missing like teeth. Not sure why I’m here now. She probably isn’t even around. She hasn’t been for a while, since she started at university. She visited her mother here every weekend in the beginning, but I think her commune has become her new home. She didn’t move far, but she might as well have.

Her evergreen garden rustles just beyond the gate. I put the car engine off. Wind strokes the velvety grass. Many memories lurk there: late afternoons on the shady lawn, inventing lives on our favourite sheet; the one blemished by the eye-holes cut for Halloween a few years ago.

That sheet had also been used as a cape. She wore it; I was the damsel. I would scamper around, getting myself into trouble, and she would rush in to save me.

I had imagined that it was a good idea to ‘fall’ into the pool that day. Reality descended quickly as the pool net tangled around my face, pulling my hair, my lungs swelling with water.

Somehow, she saved me.

She thought it was the cape, that it had made her a hero. But I knew that on that day, she had genuinely saved my life. I will never forget it.

Something catches my gaze from the steering wheel. I glance up. She stands at the top of the driveway; hands on her hips, curls perched on her shoulders. She grins as she observes me, and the gate begins to stagger open. It is three years later, but it feels like no time has passed at all. True friendship is not diminished by time. She may not be wearing that sheet-cape anymore, but she will always be my superhero.